Teething: product reviews

Teething is brutal. They didn’t prepare us for teething in our baby class! Our poor baby has had a rough go of teething. It was around 2 months old that people started to say that they thought that she’d teeth early. Lots of drooling and putting hands in mouth. It wasn’t until close to 7 months that she cut her bottom teeth (both at the same time!).  And since that time, we barely get a break before more teeth is coming through. She cut both top teeth at 8 months, and the ones beside those top teeth right at 9 months. She’s just over 9 months old at this time and she’s now cutting the teeth beside her bottom two! She’s easily going to have 8 teeth by 10 months! For our baby, teething has meant poor sleep (hard to go down and stay down as long as she usually would) + lots of biting + irritable.

Looking back, I was totally unprepared for teething. No clue re: what works + what doesn’t. Here’s what we’ve tried and the verdict is still out.

  1. Amber Teething Necklace
    Baby wears this necklace (not for them to chew on!). Our girl rarely notices that she’s wearing it. An Amber teething necklace is very popular for babies in European countries. Amber is known for its ability to help calm and relax. The idea is that for a teething (irritable) baby, wearing Amber will provide some relief. For me, the verdict is still out on this one. It hasn’t been a magic bullet like some people claim it to be. Tip: the darker the necklace, the higher concentration of Amber. So you want a necklace with dark brown stones on it!


2. A teething necklace for mom (& dad!) to wear is essential. At first, I thought this necklace was a waste of money. Our baby wasn’t interested in it for a while. But now that she’s super into chewing our buttons or zippers on our shirts, this necklace is a huge help in redirecting her. The necklace that we have is made of silicone. Recently, I’ve been thinking that a necklace with some wood in it might be nice for her to really chop down on. These teething necklaces that mom or dad wear are made in all different colours and styles. I originally didn’t want a rainbow one but then I decided that I wanted people to know that she wasn’t just chewing a regular necklace! 🙂 (The photo below is NOT the necklace that we have but gives you an idea of what’s out there. I rather like the necklaces in this photo due to the wood).


3. Tylenol. As a momma who loves natural products, I was hesitant to give Tylenol to my baby. I’ve read some scientific studies that bring great pause to the use of Tylenol in young children. Regardless, I had always planned to use Tylenol if I felt that she actually really needed it. (With all of her shots, I didn’t give her Tylenol beforehand as its recommended to wait to administer Tylenol for at least 1 hour AFTER the shots. If you give Tylenol too soon it can actually block the effectiveness of the vaccines meaning the child won’t be fully immune. And as it turns out, she was completely herself after most of her shots so didn’t need Tylenol at all). Back to teething – I know some people give their child Tylenol at night for weeks (and months) on end when they are in the teething zone. We just don’t want to give her Tylenol if she doesn’t really need it. So we take it day by day (read: night by night) and if she really can’t settle and sleep and its due to teething, we give her some. Never more than the recommended dosing, often a bit less. I’ve come to resolve that sometimes, nothing else will work like Tylenol does.

4. Hyland’s Teething Tablets

I was super excited when I found this in a Metro (grocery store) in town. In Canada, it’s often hard to find natural products in a small town. I loved the idea of this product — until I realized that it was a large quantity  of liquid that had to go in a syringe. Our baby girl choked on it the first time and we haven’t used it since. I think when she’s older and we can just place a tablet on her tongue we’ll try it again.

Would love to hear what products you recommend! Please leave a comment below re: what you think has worked or has been ineffective. Thanks!

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