Baby names that I love that I won’t get to use

I love thinking about baby names. Discussing baby names. Googling baby names. And I’m so grateful that I got to name a child! Our daughter is named after both of our mothers in a creative way (click here for that story). Her name wasn’t anywhere on our radar until about a year before she was born. Picking a name is tricky. First, you create your short list. Then your significant other comes along and vetoes nearly all of those names! Ha. It would be much easier to name a child if your opinion was the only one that mattered 🙂

Anyways, the following are names that I love but likely won’t get to use due to hubby not liking the name or for other reasons. In case we have another child, I won’t include names in this post that we may still use if we have a second child. Here are some of my favourite baby names:

Girl Names






Olive or Olivia






Boy Names

Collin or Callum



My favourite boy name is Felix! I love so much about this name but I can’t get hubby on board. I love that it won’t get shortened to a nickname. I love that its rare and yet people have heard it before and know how to pronounce and spell it. To me, it has a cool factor even though its a very traditional/classic boy name. I just love it but there’s no way hubby will ever let me use it.

There you go. Above are a few baby names that I adore but will likely never use. What are some of your favourite baby names? Does your list and your partners seem to differ?

4 thoughts on “Baby names that I love that I won’t get to use”

  1. I feel like I always seem to have a running list in my head of baby names that I like, also as soon as someone has a baby – my first question is “what is the name?!?” Names are so interesting. Right now, for girls I like Sierra, Lily or Bethany Jordan (I like it as a double name, not just Beth or Bethany but Bethany Jordan). I think boy names are harder but right now my top one would probably be Hudson.

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