Changes in the last 2 weeks

Baby girl will be 10 months old next week and in the last couple of weeks she’s been showing us some of her new skills! Blink and you miss it. They can literally change overnight.

  • she’s started to say “da da and dad” in a very soft whisper
  • she sees one of us chewing (gum or food) and she’ll start chewing the air!
  • she has started waving, mostly just the one arm but sometimes both. she’ll wave at us and one time at a restaurant she extended her arm and waved at a stranger.
  • she wants to stand up ALL OF THE TIME. If she can find anything to hold on to, she’s upright.
  • we think that she tried to give Derek a kiss! The last couple of days she’ll just randomly open her mouth and plop it on his nose or cheek. I personally think she’s trying to give kisses.
  • she drank some water out of a regular glass. in the bathtub, anytime we bring the cup to rinse her near her she’s been opening her mouth. so I tried to give her some water out of a glass and she took some (of course, her shirt wore some too, ha!)
  • she’s started to “growl” and she will mimic us if we growl first. she’ll keep is going back and forth. also if we blow raspberries she’ll mimic us right away.

Those are just a few that I wanted to record. It’s fun to see her learn & grow!


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