It makes me sad that our daughter (almost 10 months old) won’t grow up with cousins that are close in age. Both my husband and I grew up with lots of cousins. In particular, we both had a cousin that was a year younger than us that we were super close to. On my husband’s side of the family, our daughter’s closest cousin is 5 years older than her. On my side of the family, there’s no other grandchildren. Most likely, by the time one of my sisters have a baby, the new cousin will be 5 years younger than our girl.

This has got me thinking: are children growing up without cousins more at this time in history than ever before? People are getting married later in life and/or deciding to have children at a later time. Also, many of my friends have one sibling. So if your sister or brother doesn’t have children, your kid won’t have cousins.

Having cousins close in age isn’t a given, it’s a gift. And I know that she’s lucky to have cousins at all! But if I’m being honest, it is a little heartbreaking to know that our daughter won’t have cousins that are close in age. What about you? Does your child have cousins that are close to them in age? Or are you like me, having grown up with cousins super close in age and now realizing that your child won’t have that? As always, love to hear your thoughts!

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