In need of a Mom Makeover

It’s been a year since I’ve had a haircut. Our daughter is over 10 months old. My hair is LONG. I don’t really have time to blow dry it anymore (something my fine/thin hair needs to not look totally limp). I often do the “messy bun” high on my head or pull it back in a ponytail. I know that short hair would likely suit me better, but every time I cut my hair short my immediate next goal is to grow it long again. Doesn’t that saying something? I like long hair and find it rather convenient. When I have short hair, I get tired of not being able to “put my hair away”(in a bun or ponytail).

But I’m looking rather drab these days. I think its time to call the hair dresser. I think about dying my hair darker (it’s a dirty blonde) but I know that means frequent trips to the hair dresser to keep the colour looking decent. I don’t have the time or money for that. Maybe I’ll go a shade or two darker or a shade or two lighter (as that’s been recommended for those who want low maintenance or are on a budget). But if its not very much of a  hair colour change…what’s the point? Maybe I should just stick with my natural dirty blonde. Hmm.

Okay, so now I’m concluding that I’ll keep my hair longish and not dye my hair. What a fabulous mom makeover! Aren’t you so glad that you read this post? Haha. What I really need for a mom makeover is to lose weight…. Gosh, that is hard, hard, hard work. But I would love more than anything to start shedding some pounds.

What’s your go-to for a mom makeover? Hair? Something else? Do you find that you’ve simplified your hair maintenance now that you’re a mom or do you still hit up the salon and aren’t afraid to change things up?

P.S. I’ve thought of asking for this hair cut (I don’t have bangs). My fear is that bangs would be a lot of work. OR make me look 10 years old? (I already look young for my age which is not so favourable now in my profession). Any mommas out there rocking bangs?



2 thoughts on “In need of a Mom Makeover”

  1. I’m wishing I never cut my hair off. Because of the hormone change I lost so much hair that my thick hair looks fine and I have visible bald spots that could have been hidden by long hair. I suggest not going too short. I wish my hair grew as fast as it did while I was pregnant! If my hair was straight, bangs may help hide the crazy whispies that replace once long thick hair but I’m a curly head! Hope you find a manageable hair style! I’ve just been a mess lol, only tending to it when I have to go out in public and/or look presentable for one reason or another while I pray to the hair gods for quick re-growth lol

    1. Thanks. I think I’m going to stay away from cutting it too short. Hoping for a manageable hair style (when I finally book the appointment & leave the house to have it done, ha!).

      p.s. I think your hair looks great short (your long hair looked great too!).

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