Forgiveness sets you free


We all have wounds. Some hurts go deeper than others. If forgiveness is not present the wound will fester.

Forgiveness is rarely a one-time event. More often than not, it’s something we do over and over when we notice bitterness returning.

I am convinced that to grab hold of the best that this life has to offer, we need to let go. We must learn to be good forgivers.

The following quotes are helpful and healing reminders of the importance of practicing forgiveness.

To begin, here’s my favourite quote by Mother Teresa:

“People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.”







And lastly, the following is a quote from the Bible. Besides setting ourselves free from bitterness, Christians have another motivation for practicing forgiveness.


Do you have a favourite quote on forgiveness? Add it here!

Forgiveness is a journey. We all need reminders to keep going down the path that leads to healing. If we keep the above truths before us, we can stop bitterness in its tracks. In doing so, we are able to witness the beauty that is forgiveness setting us FREE.


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