Whether you’ve grown up in the church or not, you are welcome here. There’s a seat at the table and the coffee is on.

This blog was started at a time when we were entering a new season: from full-time pastoral ministry to being “in transition.”  While no longer in charge of a flock, spinkoutsidethebox was birthed as a creative outlet. If you follow on instagram or “like” us on facebook, be prepared to be reminded from time to time that you are LOVED & when you fully understand that, you can LOVE others in incredible ways.

In addition to church health and social justice, personal growth and parenthood moments are scattered about.

You never have to leave your brain at the door, here. While critical thinking can be life-giving, we aim to not be found with a critical heart.

We hope that you’ll stick around and join in. We love to hear from you! We desire to learn from you, too.  Together, may we find encouragement for our prone-to-wander souls.

– D & R