Book Review: The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

Prior to picking up this book, I did not know much about Jessica Alba. Thus, this wasn’t a fan purchase. After being challenged to “eat clean” recently, I was desiring to learn more about living naturally in other areas of life.

ImageDisclaimer: if you already know A LOT about clean eating, non-toxic household cleaning products, what to avoid in your make-up products, and how to prepare a nursery and a home that’s safe for young children, then this book may be a little too boring for you.

For the majority of us, this book is eye opening and challenging. While I didn’t get a lot out of the healthy eating section (as I have been doing my own research recently), there are other chapters that Maybe I’m a little slow, but the fact that my make-up products could be toxic and cause me health problems never entered my mind prior to reading The Honest Life. (I looked up my trusty cover-up on the Environmental Working Group’s website and it came back as extremely toxic and may cause reproductive and developmental delays. Yikes! I am on the search for a new cover-up that both works and isn’t toxic). This book is a very user friendly resource. Even though I read it cover to cover, I will go back and re-read certain areas for a refresher or because I’m now ready to take on a new challenge.

I would recommend this book for any one who is willing to learn more about creating a healthy life + home. I would especially recommend this book for pregnant women or young mothers. Her tips will help the baby to have the best start in life and the mother to rest assured that she did all that she could to prevent harmful chemicals from influencing her baby’s development.

Overall, I’d give this book a 4 out of 5. The bummer is that a lot of her natural product recommendations are not available in Canada. While it can feel overwhelming at times with new found knowledge (ignorance is bliss!), it’s wonderfully assuring to know that we can make changes that create a lifestyle we can be proud of. I will keep this book around to reference in the future and I think that it would make an excellent baby shower present for the right mom!

Book Review: I’m No Angel by Kylie Bisutti

I had no idea who Kylie was before I walked past her book a month ago. The title caught my eye. I love biographies and also enjoy learning something new. Since I know very little about the modeling industry, I was intrigued to get an insiders perspective. I recently finished “I’m No Angel” which explains why Kylie walked away from the modeling industry and has never felt happier.


While Victoria Secret appears to downplay their relationship with Kylie since her memoir, they named Kylie Bisutti their newest walkway angel in 2009. I respect her ability to walk away from it all when she realized the conflict between her modeling jobs and her Christian convictions.

Pros: the book is an easy and quick read. I learned of the harsh and harmful realities of the modeling industry. If you don’t know much about this, you may gasp at times. I was reminded how just one person can positively change a person’s life (the person who invited her to youth group + her husband’s prayers for her later on). The book illustrated that there can be areas of our lives that are harming us but we do not see it at the time. And that ultimately, being a Christian is more satisfying than anything this world can offer.

Cons: the book was written in a style that was plain, simple, and reminded me more of receiving an e-mail from a friend rather than reading a book. Also, I would have preferred for Kylie to write less about her dating relationships and more about the challenges in the industry.

*** I’d recommend this book to mature older teenager girls and up. Some of the content may be questionable or deemed inappropriate for young girls.

Whether you are interested in beauty or fashion or not, Kylie’s message is one that applies to all women. Her memoir sheds light on the not-so-glamorous modeling industry and the emptiness that comes from chasing after the world’s definition of beauty. The reader is encouraged to reflect on inner beauty and the peace that comes from knowing God. A beautiful reminder for us all.