Time saving tips

Who doesn’t like to save time? We live in such a fast-paced world; a little time saved here and there can really add up. Most importantly, taking some short-cuts can reduce daily stress levels. Here are a few of my time saving tips:

1. Fill up at the gas station before work instead of after work. If I do this before work, there are no lines. I go straight to a pump!  After work — I always have to wait and it can be stressful trying to find a line when drivers are all over the place.

2. Do your grocery shopping on a week night. This only works if it’s after 6pm (I guess a lot of people grab groceries after work before heading home?). Saturdays are the WORST to grocery shop. Everyone leaves their grocery shopping til Saturday it seems. Friday nights are surprisingly empty. Who wants to grocery shop on a Friday night?! Well, if you want to beat the crowds it can be a date night activity 🙂

3. Cook two meals at one time. If you know that tonight’s dinner is going to require spending a lot of time @ the stove top see if there’s another meal that you can prep while tonight’s dinner is cooking. This could look like tonight’s dinner +: prepping veggies for tomorrow’s salad, baking something in the oven (while food is cooking on the stove top), having a crockpot meal put together so all you have to do is plug it in in the morning.

Have you tried any of these before?  Do you have some of your own time saving tips? I’d LOVE to hear them!

Finding the cure for rumination in the movie Frozen, improving house work productivity, and the most annoying thing people say re: grief

I feel like doing one of those “Recently I’m” blog posts. But I don’t wish to write about what I’m reading or eating lately. Rather, I’d like to reflect on what I’m working on and thinking about. I promise to keep it brief.

Recently I’m

1. Thinking that the best gift from the movie Frozen are these three words: LET IT GO. While I don’t think that the movie lived up to the hype, I now sing, “let is go, let it go” to myself at times.  Do you ever have nagging thoughts re: Image“I should have done/said ____ instead”? When I experience those, I now sing to myself, “let is go…let it go” and it seems to help.

2. Trying to accomplish 3 things each evening. I tend to feel tired and unmotivated to do house work or run errands after work (who doesn’t?!). I’d much rather come home and do nothing. While relaxing is necessary, work around the home also needs to get done. I’m trying to strike a good balance. In the last week or so, I’ve been operating from a “just do 3 things” approach. Once I have accomplished three productive things (whether big or small), I then give myself full permission to relax. An example of the three things could look like: do a load of laundry, write a thank you card, clean a bathroom. I’ve tried operating from a cleaning schedule before (certain things on certain days of the week) and I can’t even make it a week before I break the schedule. Accomplishing 3 things per day seems to be working great so far.

3. Feeling annoyed when people say “time heals all things” re: grief. No, no, no. Time does not heal all things. Time does heal a fracture of the bone but the emotional heart is much more complex. Does time make the pain of loss more bearable? Maybe. Yet, time alone does not completely heal a broken heart. Some people experience heartache so raw and deep that there’s always a chip missing on their heart. Over time, people learn how to live with a new reality. But they don’t forget, they aren’t the same. Time alone does not return the heart to the exact same shape it was in prior to the heartbreak.


That’s all folks. What are you trying or thinking about lately?

Blessings from schizophrenia? Believe me, they exist

This woman’s account re: growing up with a mother who has schizophrenia is one of the most moving and encouraging pieces I have come across in a long time.  Really worth the time to read:

Blessings from schizophrenia? Believe me, they exist