Why I’m NOT giving my children everything that they want

In the short time since we’ve had a baby, I’ve been struck by how often I’ve heard people say that they are doing x, y or z so that their child can have everything that they want. The x,y, or z has been continuing to work in a job that they hate or working long hours.

In the first world, we are bombarded with messages that tell us that what we have is not enough. The truth is, we are fortunate to be able to give our children what they need and some of what they want. For millions of parents around the world, they just want to see their child live to see another day.

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Will I give my children some things that they want? Sure! But I desire for them to know the difference between a want and a need. And I won’t work long hours just for my children to have more of their wants fulfilled. While they may not appreciate it now, I think what children ultimately want are parents that are present, parents who model simple living, and parents who give to others rather than fulfilling all their wants on self.  Ultimately, I won’t be giving my children everything that they want as I hope and pray that they will be individuals who understand that they are blessed to be a blessing.