Why I don’t post ultrasound photos or pregnancy belly shots on facebook

Facebook can be a landmine of triggers for those experiencing infertility or pregnancy loss. For some, signing into facebook and being hit with an imagine of an ultrasound photo or belly shot is a painful experience.

As an avid facebook user, I felt conflicted with whether or not to share with “the world” (i.e. facebook) about our pregnancy. At first, I thought it would be odd if I use facebook regularly and don’t share our news there. But I also thought about the fact that there could be someone (or a couple of people) who are struggling  to conceive or grieving a pregnancy loss that may see our announcement post. I couldn’t think of anyone in particular but I’d be naive to assume that just because I don’t know = no one is struggling. Pregnancy struggles tend to remain very private even in this day and age.

So for our facebook pregnancy announcement, I decided to not share an ultrasound photo. This, instead, is what we did:

We have a special reason to be thankful.
Can’t wait to meet our little pumpkin in April!


As far as pregnancy belly shots go, I haven’t posted any of these to facebook. And I don’t plan to. People have asked to see belly shots and if I decide to share any it will be here on the blog. I figure that at least with the blog, people can decide to read something pregnancy related or skip along. With facebook, when you post a photo, it comes up in the news feed and people happen upon the photo whether they’d like to or not.

You may wonder if I feel like some of my pregnancy joy has been robbed by not sharing pregnancy related things freely and often on facebook. I’d honestly say that it hasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I’ve posted pregnancy items on facebook such as reaching 24 weeks/viability and how satisfied we are with our Midwife clinic. Also, a couple of times I’ve posted a link to this blog with a pregnancy related topic. And in those cases, I wonder if my sharing will sting (hurt others) or not. But overall, I feel satisfied with sticking to my no-ultrasound photos or pregnancy belly shots rule for facebook. And I try to reserve pregnancy related writing to this blog. If people on facebook wish they heard more about our pregnancy they can always come on over here!

Using social media and being sensitive to those currently in the midst of pregnancy trails can be challenging. I may not get it right every time but I will at least try to be kind and thoughtful. What about you? What are your thoughts on the topic or attempts?