Lesson from our tiny teacher: water, prayer, gratitude

This afternoon, in the midst of playing, our 23 month old stopped and asked me to pray before she drank her water.


As a result of this simple request, so many thoughts flooded my mind.

I thought of what a gift it is to know that the water she’s about to drink won’t make her sick.

The fact that her “dirty” bath water from last night is much cleaner than what most of the kids in the world will drink today.

And I thought about the reality that we’d all die much sooner without water than food…yet, we bow our heads in thanks for food much more often than for a simple glass of water. Hmm.

Thankful for our tiny teacher. ❤

On my heart this Christmas


I’m in awe that I get to experience feeling our baby move and kick at this magical time of year. I’m so grateful. December 2014 could have been such a dark time for me. And while heartache and pain never really go away, I can’t believe that I’m not only pregnant but feeling baby’s movement this Christmas. It brings me to tears. Tears of thanksgiving. And tears for those in a dark place this Christmas.

Thank you God for this wonderful gift of life. For the joy and peace that the timing of this little one brings. Please be especially near to anyone with hopes and dreams gone unfulfilled this Christmas. Let them feel your love. Please give them strength in the coming days. Wrap them in your comfort in a way that only you can. Amen.